• Guarantees
  • A tentative count is required 2 Months prior to your event and a final guaranteed count must be received 2 weeks prior to the event. This count is not subject to reduction within this period. If the guaranteed count is not received, Hope Lake Lodge will charge for the expected number of people noted on the Banquet Event Order or the number of attendees, whichever is greater. We will be prepared to serve 5% over the final guarantee number.

  • Food and Beverage Policy
  • Hope Lake Lodge and Indoor Waterpark at Greek Peak Mountain Resort must provide all food and beverage served in our banquet facilities. No food or beverage (alcoholic or otherwise), may be brought into the public area of the hotel or banquet rooms from outside sources. In accordance with our safe food handling procedures, we are unable to allow food from banquets or buffets to be taken home or otherwise removed from the premises.
    In accordance with the New York State Liquor Authority, the hotel is not allowed to release to guests any
    unused portion of alcoholic beverage for removal from the hotel property and for the purpose of
    private consumption.

    As well, it is the Hotel’s policy that no liquor, beer, or wine may be brought into the hotel for special functions from outside sources, (withthe exception of small gifts and favors intended to be taken home from the function still sealed). We reserve the right to refuse service ifdeemed necessary and to request age verification before service is given. Cakes or pastries for special events may be ordered to the hotel for event purposes from NYS Department of Health certified bakeries. All food and beverage catered by Greek Peak Mountain Resort will be
    subject to a 20% service charge and 8% NYS sales tax. All catering menus are subject to change without notice. Pricing shall be that whichis in place at the time of the contract’s signing not to exceed 16 Months prior to the event. All buffets are designed and priced to stay open for an hour.

  • Deposit/Cancellation Policy
  • Our deposit policy is $1000.00 at the time of contract signing. A full payment with a final count is due
    2 weeks prior to your scheduledfunction. In the event the wedding is cancelled, the deposit that was made is
    nonrefundable.Should you decide at any time to cancel your event, the following penalty charges will be
    assessed based on the receipt of a written cancellation request:

    • • If cancellation is received within 72 hours of the event, the organization or individual will be responsible for 100% of the arranged room rental and food/beverage revenue
    • • If cancellation is received within 15 days of the event, the organization or individual will be responsible for 50% of the arranged room rental and food/beverage revenue
    • • If cancellation is received within 30 days of the event, the organization or individual will be responsible for 25% of the arranged room rental and food/beverage revenue
      OR full amount of deposit, whichever amount is greater.
  • Pricing
  • Quoted prices are subject to proportionate increases to meet increased costs of food, beverage, and labor.
    Menu prices for your event can be confirmed no more than 16 Months prior. Food and beverage purchases are subject to the prevailing sales tax and service charge percentage.

  • Overtime
  • Adherence to the times agreed upon for your function is mandatory, as other groups may be scheduled for the same room following your function. If your time schedule changes, please contact your sales representative and they will make every effort to accommodate you. Due to the length of your program, overtime charges may be incurred.

  • Incidentals and Attrition
  • A final guaranteed number of attendees are due 2 weeks prior to the first scheduled event. If a final
    guarantee is not submitted, the totalcontracted number of attendees will be used as the final guarantee.
    The client is responsible for all guaranteed food and beverage costs
    multiplied by the final guarantee or the actual number of attendees; whichever is greater.
    Should the guaranteed number of attendees confirmed by the client be less than 85% of the originally contracted count, the client would be responsible to pay the difference between 85% of the originally contracted count and the actual attendance, multiplied by the pricing detailed in the Banquet Services Section of the agreement, plus applicable service charges and taxes current at the time of the event. Any amendments or changes to the arrangements described in this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. Any
    incidental charges incurred that are on outlined on contract such as additional skirting, linens, staging, ramps, exhibit booths, decorations, or special requests will be at clients expense.